Onion Discussion: Teaching


Rachel Verney and Stuart Wood, our special guests, will be joining our Onion Discussion about Teaching on 23 March 2011. Both music therapists, both lifelong teachers and pupils in their turn, I can think of no better people who know teaching and learning as deeply as Rachel and Stuart. More than conveying information, or measuring a student up to a standard, teaching for them is thoroughly connected to the artistic (or in their case musical) practice of listening (or in our case seeing/touching).

I attach the pre-reading for tomorrow’s Onion. It is from a book that chronicles conversations Rachel has with another teacher/researcher. As you read it you could ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do you get the most out of your tutors?
  • How, if you teach in the future, do you pull everything out of your students?
  • As ‘practising’ artists, we teach ourselves. So how do we recognise the moment of teaching in our developmental dialogue with our work?
  • How is the relationship between concept and practice negotiated in a teaching?
  • What is the quality of listening/looking/sensing required by a teacher of a student?
The aim of this Onion is to look at the bones of teaching, practically, conceptually and ethically, and to give you a framework for learning now and for teaching in the future.


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