Translation Discussion

 Brief notes of our discussion with Brigit Connolly on Translation between object and language:

In translation, something (an ‘X’) is carried across, between languages, or between object and word. But there is an Aporia, i.e. something cannot be translated, something cannot pass through.

Translation is not the same as Interpretation.

Ekfrasis – one medium is being used to represent another.

It is important that the statement recognises within itself the impossibitlity of summarising.

For Benjamin, the work of art demands to be continually translated. It exists in a state where the task of translation can be repeated on the work of art.

If the work of art is fully translatable, i.e. no more translations came come of it, it then ceases to be a work of art.
Read more on the Press Releases page, as well as to download the additional texts that we looked at and read from.



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