Performing Skill

A reminder that our first Onion Discussion on PERFORMING SKILL starts tomorrow, Weds 20 Nov 2013, 6.00pm at 55 Grace Church Street, EC3 0UF. Part of the Considering Performance series, this panel will open up discussion about the visibility, enactment and role of skill in works of art.

Lauren Kelley, Harry Lawson and Ellie Doney will talk about

  • the Ritual of Making,
  • making as a Public act vs Intimate act,
  • the Performance of Attitude,
  • Disciplines as Material,
  • the Empathy in Skill,
  • ‘orchestrating’ material/process, and more.

We are pleased to have Bonnie Kemske who will comment from the floor as an interlocutor, and Oliver Roy performing a response at the end of the evening. Elizabeth Porter chairs the discussion.

Looking forward to seeing you there for a evening of open and lively discussion!




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