Barbara’s Stream of Consciousness

Barbara Bargiel’s Stream of Thoughts, Quotes and Pictures on Performing Memory


On Sunday I typed in the British Library catalogue performing memory and the book came up called Performing Memory (2013), edited by Plate and Smelik. For the past view days I have been reading through the pages and I ask myself a question: why on earth I discover these gems so late?


“Memory is always re-call and re- collection, and, consequently, it implies re-turn, re-vision, re-enactment, re-presentation: making experience from the past present again in the form of narratives, images, sensations, performances.” (Plate & Smelik, 2013: 6)


Barbara Bargiel, video still from Poison, 2012.


“To perform the past in the present is generating an experience of the past in the presence…Performance is then the point of encounter, where the “ then and now punctuate each other” (Schneider in Plate & Smelik, 2013: 2)


… More precisely the memory of these situations remembered from the past that left troubling feeling, mixed with a current situation, and a try of reaching out to people/ audience with a hope they will be touched. Perhaps it is me- acting hopeless unconsciously, yearning to be saved, or perhaps it is my art.


Anonymous, the scan of drawing made by audience in the comment book, 2013.


“Cultural memory – the things and the ways in which the culture remembers. The process of linking the past to the present and the future, thus identifying practices as crucial to understanding how memory works: making, constructing, enacting, transforming, expressing, transmitting cultural memory through art and popular culture. Contemporary studies of cultural memory indeed emphasise that memory ‘requires the active agency of individuals and publics’. ‘Such agency entails recognising and reviling the production of memory as an on-going process involving inscription and reinscription, coding and recording’. Memory then, involves agency.” (Schneider in Plate & Smelik, 2013: 2-3)


I read and read further, I am getting confused, and try constantly to make links in my head.


Barbara Bargiel, video still from documentation of Curious, 2013.


Trying to make sense and stuffing my head with the theory that kind of makes sense in my head but refuses clarification and clearness in writing. This reminds me of a memory that is stored in our bodies and activated when we touch something, or we are being touched. This is memory that is bodily, and cannot be described with language.


Barbara Bargiel is part of the PERFORMING MEMORY Onion panel discussion on 27 Nov 2013. For more information about Barbara Bargiel, go to her website:

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