References from Luke Burton

Luke Burton - Performing Space
I think the idea of the flaneur, however tired that word may feel if anyone has gone through an arts education, to me, suddenly feels vital to this question of Space and Performance and its inter-relationship:
‘The flâneur’s dual interior-exterior nature, his ability to be both active and intellectual, to be reading the past of the city while existing entirely in the present, and his manner of coloring the landscape with a bit of his own psyche places the flâneur at the center point of a whirlwind of contradictions”.

This is from a very interesting website that probes and presents Walter Benjamin’s fascinating Arcades Project, but which takes a form that that is not unlike Benjamin’s fragmented encyclopaedic work. Worth a look here

Also, Adorno’s notion of estrangement in relation to aesthetic reception is interesting here too:

Adorno: ‘‘…the sharpest sense of reality was joined with an estrangement from reality; this truly would be a worthwhile object for the psychology of art”.

Luke is currently showing at Carroll / Fletcher with artists Alexander Page and Jim Woodall in an exhibition called The Uneventful Day. Go to Luke’s website for more about his work:


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