Maya Osborne, Anna Ilsley, Kirsty Tinkler
18th MAY
1.00 – 3.00pm

The Onion Discussions and STORE are pleased to present the third sitting of ‘Speech! Speech!’ organised by Jack Tan and Elizabeth Porter, with speeches by Maya Osborne, Anna Ilsley, and Kirsty Tinkler.

The Onion Discussions is a series of Sunday lunches exploring the creative possibilities of the dinner speech that seek to peel back ideas within art and culture for a deeper look. Often taking the form of panel discussions or roundtables, the Onion Discussions brings together artists, writers, curators and other producers to consider pertinent issues in contemporary visual, spatial and material culture in an experimental format and in a cross-disciplinary context.

Three artists are invited to make speeches at the event – one before, one during and one after dinner – in response to the etymology of the word ‘speak’. The artists are free to interpret and to reimagine what a ‘speech’ is and to respond in any way and to anything from the etymology or idea of speech. This series develops the Onion discussions’ exploration of different discursive formats. Come eat and hear Maya Osborne, Anna Ilsley & Kirsty Tinkler make a Speech! Speech!

Maya Osborne is a writer based in London. She holds a BA in Social Anthropology from the School of Oriental and African Studies, and completed an MA in Critical Theory at Sussex last autumn. Her final dissertation concerned the relationship between walking and creative endeavour. 

Kirsty Tinkler is an Australian artist based in London. She studied sculpture at the Royal College of Art (2007- 09) and The National Art School, Sydney (1995-98). Tinkler has worked internationally, making work primarily in the public realm. Her work references the historical language inherent in architectural features, subtly questioning the implications of its usage and its place in the continuity of the western identity and outlook.

Anna Ilsley was born in 1982 in Hertfordshire, England. She graduated from her BA in Fine Art Painting at Brighton University in 2006 and she completed her Post Graduate Diploma at Prince’s Drawing School in 2010. She recently returned from a residency at the British school at Athens where she was occupied by the impact of story on the landscape and the evolution of divine women through the ages.

Further information contact: Jack Tan (mail@jacktan.net) or Elizabeth Porter (lizziporter@aol.com)


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