Speech! Speech! Function Room poster

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The Onion Discussions

Speech! Speech! – Performing Protest, Becoming Radical

Rose Gibbs
Margot Gibbs
Natalia Naish

Sunday 22 June 2014 ,
2.00-4 .00pm

The Function Room
Cock Tavern
23 Phoenix Road
London NW1 1HB

The Onion Discussions is pleased to present the fourth sitting of SPEECH! SPEECH! organised
by Jack Tan and Elizabeth Porter, with speeches by Rose Gibbs, Margot Gibbs and Natalia Naish.

SPEECH! SPEECH! is a series of Sunday lunches exploring the creative possibilities of the dinner
speech. Devised by Rose Gibbs, PERFORMING PROTEST, BECOMING RADICAL takes Judith Butler’s
premise that we ‘perform gender’ and become women, and asks whether we can perform protest
and become radical?

An experiment in experiencing and speaking other people words, the three orators will be reading
and speaking three feminist speeches from past waves of feminism. The work considers how speech
feeds back into our thinking, and whether we can escape our own feedback loops by using someone
else’s words. It asks whether we can encounter historical performances in a way that sheds light on
how we think in the present, and thus what possibilities are opened up for social change.

Come join us for a three course meal and hear Rose Gibbs,Margot Gibbs and Natalia Naish each make
a Speech! Speech!

Further information: Jack Tan (mail@jacktan.net) or Elizabeth Porter (lizziporter@aol.com)