Ritual Objects, Habits and Memory

A panel discussion as part of the exhibition I SEE I DON’T SEE at Lewisham Arthouse


Alex Stewart | Ilona Sagar | Gabor Gyory
Saturday 6 September 2014, 6.00-8.00pm
Lewisham Arthouse, 140 Lewisham Way, London SE14 6DP

The Office of Public Ritual will also present a temporary installation and ritual performance at 5.00pm.

The ONION DISCUSSIONS presents a panel discussion by three artists who will explore the relationship between ritual and objects, habits and muscle memory.

Gabor Gyory will consider the secularisation of Catholic ritual objects in Post-war Italian design and psycho-spiritual echo in the work of Gio Ponti, Ettore Sotsass and Fellini. Charting the migration of the signifiers of these objects, he will look at the reverberation between the intrinsic echo in the form and the social and cultural significance placed on these objects. The talk will take in Himalayan Tantric Carpets, The Hopi tribe in North America, Max Ernst, Andre Derain and the Hadza tribe.

Alex Stewart will look at the role and meaning of ritual in everyday life and ask whether there a difference between ritual and habit. Alex will elaborate on how this question is reflected in his practice and in how he presents himself. Ilona Sagar will speak about muscle memory and draw connections with this to ritual.

Preceding the panel discussion, the Office of Public Ritual, a bespoke ritual creation service, will present a temporary installation and ritual as a response to the grand stately architecture of Lewisham Arthouse, and as part of commemorations this year of the 100th anniversary of the opening of the building.

Further information contact: Jack Tan (mail@jacktan.net) or Elizabeth Porter (lizziporter@aol.com).


I See I Don’t See exhibition and Ritual Objects, Habits and Memory Onion Discussion panel
are sponsored by

Lewisham Arthouse – 140 Lewisham Way, London SE14 6DP


Alex Stewart
A man with three hats, Artist, DJ and Counsellor/Art therapist. Showing paintings both here and abroad, most recently in London and Colombo, Sri Lanka. He is presently illustrating a story from the Ramayana, creating a series of imagined portraits of storytellers, occasionally Djing on the beach in SriLanka and clubs in London and running a private therapy practice in London. http://www.alexstewart.net

Gabor Gyory
Along with the artist Nick Jensen, Gabor Gyory is the founder of curatorial platform Twelve Around One, formerly located in Shacklewell St. Shoreditch. Since 2011 they have curated numerous exhibitions with a specific focus on language and the implications of Time as a Cultural Medium. These have included Verlan, January 2012; BY_YOU_BY_ME_BY_WE, July 2012; Phosphene, September 2013; and Salient, October 2013. http://www.twelvearoundone.com

Ilona Sagar
Ilona received her BA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College (2008) and her MFA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art (2012). Using a diverse range of media spanning performance, film and assemblage, she has formed a body of work which responds to the social and historic context found in the public and private spaces we inhabit. Illusion and material [dis]honesty set the stage for works which seek to seduce, alluding to something familiar yet other. Recent exhibitions include include Parasol Unit Foundation for Contemporary Art (March 2014). Solo Show at Tenderpixel (2014), Art Rotterdam, NL (February 2014); The Ballad of Peckham Rye, Bussey Building, Peckham, Art on the Underground as part of the Art Licks Weekend; Saturated Space Architectural Association (all 2013); Heart of Darkness, Le Centre national d’art contemporain, Nice FR; Embassy gallery, Edinburgh and Onscreen programme at Carroll Fletcher, London. Currently exhibiting in the group show, Whats love got to do with it Hayward Gallery Project Space and Softcore: Subverted Superstructure and the Systemic Sublime, Intelligentsia gallery, Beijing. Upcoming projects include a performance commission for the Victoria and Albert Museum and a solo show at Assembly Passage, London. http://www.ilonasagar.com

The Office of Public Ritual
The Office of Public Ritual (OPR) is a service that creates bespoke secular rituals for significant occasions or life events. We work with clients to develop a set of actions, sequence of performances or an order of programme for personal, group or public use. http://www.officeofpublicritual.com

The Onion Discussions
The ONION DISCUSSIONS are a series of discussions that seek to peel back ideas within art and culture for a deeper look. Often taking the form of panel discussions or roundtables, the Onion Discussions brings together artists, writers, curators and other producers to consider pertinent issues in contemporary visual, spatial and material culture in an experimental format and in a cross-disciplinary context. oniondiscussions.wordpress.com

Lewisham Arthouse
Lewisham Arthouse is a voluntary led co-operative organisation formed in 1992 based in a Grade II listed Carnegie donated ex-library in Deptford. Lewisham Arthouse run studios, a busy gallery, classes, workshops, community activities and events. It aims to fulfil Andrew Carnegie’s original intention of benefitting the local community and fostering local artist endeavour. http://www.lewishamarthouse.org.uk


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