Onion 1 – Professional Practice

RCA Sculpture held a series of critical discussions between 2 March and 6 April 2011 around the idea of ‘professional practice’. Each topic was peeled back to reveal a Trojan-horseful of critical issues that affect how artists understand, present, develop and promote their work.

The discussions went beyond the practical considerations of how to write a press release, how we network, how to do an artist’s talk or residency, and how to apply for funding. They penetrated deeper layers of artistic and critical analysis:

  • what is the interstice between people and in conversations,
  • how do we give voice,
  • what is the visual and material quality of teaching,
  • what socio-political spheres frame artists’ work,
  • how does object translate to word or image, and
  • what happens to site and space when residency becomes dwelling.
  • Now that the series is over, this blog will continue to be maintained around the issues of Interstice, Voice, Teaching,
  • Socio-Political Spheres, Translation and Dwelling.

The Discussions:

Dwelling (Residencies)

Interstices (Networking)

Socio-Political (Funding)

Teaching (Teaching Practice)

Translation (Press and Publicity)

Voice (The Artist’s Talk)


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