Onion 3 – Considering Performance



a series of panel discussions considering the intersection between performance and aspects of cultural and artistic production.

Every Wednesday evening, 20 Nov – 11 Dec 2013
Departure Foundation, 55 Grace Church Street
London EC3V 0EE  (nearest Tubes Monument and Bank)


The ONION DISCUSSIONS this year considers how performance relates to different areas of artistic production. The series starts with a consideration of skill and its presentation within processes of making work. Then we consider the performativity of loss, remembrance and subjectivity. The performance of architecture and space in the city forms the the third discussion before the final panel considers the operation of voice in performance. The CONSIDERING PERFORMANCE Onion Discussions brings together artists, musicians, academics and writers to peel back our understanding of the intersection of performance and culture.

considering the performance of skill, technique and material process
20 Nov 2013, 6.00pm

Performing Skill poster and summary
Performing Skill discussion

Panellists: Ellie Doney, Harry Lawson, Lauren Kelly
Chair: Elizabeth Porter
Interlocutor: Bonnie Kemske

considering the performance of loss, nostagia, solitude and subjectivity
27 Nov 2013, 6.00pm

Performing Memory poster
Claire Blundell Jones on Sylvia Plath and Super 8 film
Dionea Rocha Watt considers the Staging of Loss
Chris Minchin on Wilderness, Nostalgia and Remembrance
Barbara Bargiel’s Stream of Consciousness

Panellists: Barbara Bargiel, Claire Blundell-Jones, Chris Minchin, Dionea Rocha-Watt
Chair: Jack Tan
Interlocutor: Nigel Rolfe

considering the performance of space, architecture and the city
4 Dec 2013, 6.30pm

Performing Space poster
References from Luke Burton

Panellists: Kimberley Chandler, Luke Burton, Nina Shen-Poblete
Chair: Jack Tan
Interlocutor: Richard Wentworth

considering the performance and performativity of voice: spoken, sung, guttural, unvoiced
11 Dec 2013, 6.00pm

Performing Voice poster
For More Than One Voice – quotations from PA Skantze
“Post industrial boys have a wonderful voice”!

Panellists: Lina Lapelyte, Nicola Thomas, Stuart Wood
Chair: PA Skantze
Interlocutor: Leah Capaldi

Oliver Roy will respond at the end of each evening’s discussion in performance.

With thanks to DEPARTURE FOUNDATION and their Lead Curator Louise Ashcroft.



The Onion Discussions are a series of discussions that seek to peel back ideas within art and culture for a deeper look. Often taking the form of panel discussions or roundtables, the Onion Discussions brings together artists, writers, curators and other producers to consider pertinent issues in contemporary visual, spatial and material culture in an experimental format and in a cross-disciplinary context. For more information: www.oniondiscussions.wordpress.com

Departure Foundation is a leading charity that supports and promotes contemporary art throughout the UK. We provide free studio and storage space for artists. We also curate exhibitions, award art prizes and run educational projects for local communities. http://www.departurefoundation.com/

Web links for Autumn 2013 Onion Discussion participants:

Barbara Bargiel www.barbarabargiel.com

Bonnie Kemske www.bonniekemske.com/

Chris Minchin http://chrisminchin.com/

Claire Blundell-Jones www.claireblundelljones.co.uk/

Dionea Rocha-Watt http://folio.rca.ac.uk/user/view.php?id=225

Ellie Doney www.studiomanifold.org/category/ellie-doney/

Elizabeth Porter http://elizabethporter.co.uk/

Harry Lawson http://ada


Jack Tan www.jacktan.net

Kimberley Chandler http://schroderscat.tumblr.com/about

Lauren Kelly http://www.laurenkelly.co.in/

Leah Capaldi http://w


Lina Lapelyte http://www.linalapelyte.com/

Luke Burton http://lukepburton.tumblr.com/

Nicola Thomas http://nicolathomas.com/

Nigel Rolfe http://www.nigelrolfe.com/

Nina Shen-Poblete http://blackgrout.com/about/

Oliver Roy http://sc


PA Skantze http://www.roehampton.ac.uk/staff/P-A-Skantze/

Richard Wentworth http://www.lissongallery.com/artists/richard-wentworth

Stuart Wood  http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/stuart-wood/

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